Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here's the deal.

So, you already know that I don't work at that desk job anymore... well, that would be the reason for my not posting in almost a month.. and ya know? i really don't have anything to say right now in particular.. I just felt like i should post SOMETHING..

I guess I could tell you about how my life currently sucks.. Well i really don't feel like going into detail but basically neither my boyfriend nor I can legally drive right now. And we're both broke and being charged out of our assholes to regain the priviledge. We're trying to think positively though. It's only going to go up from here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Life is GOOD

I've been a bad blogger because my boring job, the one I used to do most of my blogging at, is no more.. I'm on to bigger and better things! So, good for me, bad for my blog.. I suppose there are some updates: New job is good, boy is wonderful, music is moving along- we took pics this past weekend so STAY TUNED to see them! they are gonna be awesome.. cause our friends, Be Speshl Photography did an amazing job! -we also have a meeting tomorrow that could lead to some good things..
so yeah! life is good!

more to come!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Bob Lefsetz Letter

I was hoping he would respond to the Kanye thing. But at the same time, kinda hoping he wouldn't.. But he did. Here 'tis:



It happened on MTV. It burnishes the brand's image, that it still happens there. The fact that an artist was sacrificed in the process? WHO GIVES A FUCK! This is what MTV has been doing for eons. Like some "Twilight Zone" aliens with a book entitled "To Serve Acts", MTV has convinced "artists" that brief television exposure is good for them, when we all know it burns out careers, uses up performers even quicker than sitcoms.

Jay Leno

That's why you've got to stay in the game. You never know when serendipity will deal you a ratings bonanza on your most important date, in this case, the debut of your show. Everybody's making a big deal re Jay's question about what Kanye's mother would say. Who would ask such a question? I'd say who'd answer it, but Kanye didn't. Not that Kanye didn't ask for it... He's living his life in the media, he gets no time off, he fucks up, he apologizes, it's endless grist for the mill. As for it affecting his career... There's a dearth of hip-hop superstars, and no pop or rock stars to fill the void. So, expect Kanye to come back bigger and better than ever, Kanye 2.0, who is humble, who apologizes, and makes music that doesn't sound radically different from what he made previously. We love resurrection stories more than destruction stories. Look at Whitney Houston.



Without the microblogging service, would we know that Obama called Kanye a "jackass"? As for it being off the record and Terry Moran tweeting it anyway... In a "me" society, who can expect anybody to behave properly, with humility. Isn't that how we got Kanye to begin with?



You mean you watch the VMAs? You mean you know what's going on in the world? After legions of old farts in the White House, this is positively stunning. But even though the media and the Republicans may use this expletive against him, it does more for the President in the minds of young voters than any speech to Congress or appearance on "60 Minutes". Makes you think if you ran into him you could have a conversation, he'd know what you were talking about.

Taylor Swift

Yes, Kanye did hand the mic back to her, but like the 19 year old she is, she was so overwhelmed, she couldn't speak. Cementing her status as the teenage naif with the singing diary. What happens when she grows up? Well, I guess she's listening to Joni Mitchell records right now.

Vince Romanelli

I'd never heard of him either, but his parody of Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me", remade as "You Don't Belong On MTV", displays creativity unheard on Top Forty. We don't get humor, any analysis in music, just endless pap parading as important so fat cats can get rich.



The American Public

A real story can no longer get traction. Health care is too complex. It's like studying in class as opposed to flirting in the cafeteria. We've become a nation of gossip, and misinformation.

Furthermore, who didn't know Kanye'd been acting like a jackass previously? It's like his jackassness was a musical career, waiting for the tipping point for everyone to celebrate. He acted poorly at this awards show, said bad things at Bonnaroo, now, finally, when so many were watching, he fucked up one more time. Now he truly is a superstar!

But he was already. And most people piling on weren't paying attention to begin with. Then again, I must admit the music community and fans are piling on too. Because they like to. Like the above-referenced high school society, exacting its own justice.

I'm not saying frivolity has no place, I'm just saying that we revere in popular culture almost nothing of value. Everything's grist for the mill. Either you're smart, starting Facebook, writing an iPhone app, or you dropped out of high school and became a lowest common denominator twit like Paris Hilton, focusing eyes on you.

Everybody wants to be rich and famous, everybody wants the attention. Doesn't matter how many "Behind The Music" shows are aired, people think stardom will solve all their issues. So, the inherent fabric of our country becomes ripped and torn, dilapidated.

I know you think I'm on overkill here, but...

People go into finance to get rich, even though this finance doesn't build our country, only tears it apart.

People can't get high tech jobs because they're not educated enough.

People who do go to college study business, those dreamy liberal arts majors who used to create the culture we reveled in are seen as pussies. It's about cash, baby.

We spend our money living like rappers, going to the Palms in Vegas to splash in the pool while consuming overpriced liquor.

I'm just saying we need a readjustment here. Gossip must be the underbelly, not the primary. We seem to carom from one celebrity event to another, from Michael Jackson's death to Kanye, and since the news media sees itself as stars, they throw logs on the fire. Twenty four hours on kidnappings, not twenty four hours on explaining bills in Congress, or Supreme Court decisions. But they need the ratings!

That's what Kanye is, ratings. For everybody and anybody who's got something to sell. And we're buying it. So the laugh's on us.

If you don't get Bob Lefsetz letters, you should.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thoughts on Humans

I was just thinking about the extraordinary machines that we are and all we are collectively capable of. Creating, Loving, Killing, Genius, Ignorance, Hate.. This morning, I correspond with a friend who is tearing his own life apart and feel utterly helpless to save him from his cyclone of drugs and pain and fear. A moment later, I travel to behance.net and am deeply inspired by several artists' works ranging from the design of the new Infiniti car to a graphic artist's final project in school to a photographer's capture of a collection of clothes. My absolute favourite (glamorous spelling) today is a simple study of "birds on a wire". Make me a scary face.

Crazybeautiful. This life is crazybeautiful. one word.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I have ALWAYS loved this music video. Something about it- the way its filmed, the clothes, the nostalgic feeling it creates... just love love love it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm a Vegetarian.

yeah, its very much like this.

Welcome Back!

Hello there, it's been a little bit since my last post. I created a couple other blogs that I have been updating and I made a website for my art stuff. so check it out. I have also been enjoying some other blogs-
Face Hunter
My friend Heather

thats all today.